Challenge 9

Before this vehicle went on this dirt road People from Uganda kidnapped a little boy who was 7 years old. There trying to escape from the town Italy. The people who kidnapped the boy were trying to get revenge on his parents because they stole the kidnappers daughter 6 years ago.

9 years later, the little boy wasn’t so little anymore, he was 16 years old.His parents have finally found him and his parents killed the kidnappers. They all lived happily ever after.

THE END! The age groupfor this small story would be 10 year olds and up!


And Then It Happened

And Then It Happened


It was the last day of school and Morgan, Emma and I were waiting for the best, greatest, coolest, fantastic bus trip ever! Well, that’s just what my teacher said so it will probably be boring as usual. Morgan, Emma and I were sitting in class when the bus driver came in and told us that the buses were ready. Once the bus driver left I ran to the girl’s bathroom and got a whole bunch of toilet paper.

Once everyone got on the bus, I took the toilet paper out of my bag and I threw it out the window. My window was down; Morgan and Emma were behind me with their window down too. Then it happened, I threw the toilet paper out the window and before I know it the toilet paper is in Morgan’s face. My plan was ruined!! The toilet paper was supposed to go out the window and look like a ghost trying to attack cars.

Then it happened, the toilet paper was still around Morgan’s face and I totally forgot that she was allergic to it! I quickly pulled it off of her and she had bumps and zits all over her face!!! I got some face lotion out of my backpack and I made Emma rub it on her face cause I just find it find it gross. 5 minutes later she looked as good as new with a smooth clean face!        

The End.

Challenge 8: Amanda Todd R.I.P

Amanda Todd is a 15 year old girl, she was the same as any other girl in the world. But she had a secret. Two years ago Amanda and her friends were on a video cam, she was young and stupid at the time. She didnt know that there was preditors who were watching her. As she was on the video cam, she flashed.

About a year later, a stranger messaged her on Facebook telling her to flash and send a picture.  He knew her hometown, adress, her house and her school. Then she sent the picture. The stranger sent it to one person, then that person sent it to another person, then in a short matter of time everyone she knew had seen the picture.

Once everyone found out she was getting bullied. Not just teasing but physical, cyber and right to her face! She had had enough. She drank bleech so she could get out of all the pain. Her parents sent her to the hospital, and she lived.

When people found out that she lived, they were mad and everyone was saying that she should have died and she didnt derserve to live. She got really sick. To the point where she wanted to comit suiced. She just couldnt take it much longer.

Then, she posted a video of her whole story of bulling and exactly what happend, including a fight she had with another girl. She used cards for telling her story story. She tried killing her self  again and again but it didnt work.

A while after the video, her parents found her in her room. She had hung her self.

R.I.P Amanda Todd <3

Image Source: Toronto Sun

Challenge 8




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