Hey! I’m hilarious and I think I’ve gone crazy!

          My name is Lindsay, but people call me Linds or Puts. I was born April 9th, 2000. When I was a baby I always made odd faces, especially the face when I looked like a frog. It’s been 12 years since I was born so duhh, I’m 12 years old. I was born in a hospital in Ontario, and to this day, I still live in Ontario Canada. I have brown hair and brown eyes, my hair goes a little bit pat my shoulders, so it’s not too short and not to long. Also, I am 1 meter and 46 inches tall. I love a lot of sports, but I have a gift to run really fast. My goal is to become a professional runner when I grow up. I practice running every day!

          I have a really great family; I have a mom, a dad and a little sister. My mom’s name is Rebecca, my dad’s name is Ed, and my sisters’ name is Jessica. I also have a dog named Bruno, he is a bull mastiff mix and he means the world to me! My family is really important to me because if it wasn’t for them than I wouldn’t be here right now. Also, they are the ones who I can actually trust.

          Some things that I love to do is track and field, running, volleyball, basketball and soccer. I made it to the UCC track and field finals because of my speed and strength. When I was little I used to run around my house with my underwear on my head, I called my self ‘under gotchee’s girl’. I also used to just play with boys when I was little because I lived around all boys and I cause I didn’t get along with girls. And when I look back to those days I always think that I was a bit un-normal and weird! One of my hobbies is eating, sleeping and doing art. Art is my hobby because it makes me feel peaceful because I’m letting out all of my feelings. When I do art, it makes me become a better artist because it’s pretty much like practice. When I eat and sleep it makes me smarter and they give me energy. Also, they are my hobbies because that’s what I mostly do all the time.

          I am really funny and sometimes a little crazy and odd! I have a really special talent; my talent is making a loud clicking noise with my tongue. I’ve been doing it since I was 3 or 4 years old and to this day, I still think that it’s still really cool! I really love my life because I am just happy to be alive and be kind of normal! For the quilt, my mom is the solid colours because she likes to wear dark/solid colours like brown, black, navy blue…etc. the light colours is for my sister because she like to be outside in the summer and she loves to wear sun dresses because it matches her blonde hair. Last but not least is my dad, he is the water because he loves to swim and go fishing

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