Challenge 2: YMCA

Ms. Wyatt: Student Challenge

Today Im going to the YMCA after school with my friends avery and Courtney. Before I go to  the YMCA I have volley ball tryouts! It will be my second one but Im not talking about that, Im talking about the YMCA. The YMCA is a big area with a deep pool and another smaller pool for the younger kids, a baby room where the workers baby sit little kids when there  parents or gardian (s) are gone. There is also a gym with a running track. When i go there with my friends I usually go to the track first and then I go swimming after i get all hot and sweaty! But, my favouite thing of al there is the elivator… I dont know why but I just like it. 🙂 But im only 12 and you have to be 14 to go on the track and the elivator and what not but i just pretend that im 14.



Heey, my name is lindsay and i have a dog named bruno. ummmm, hews a bull mastiff mixed with lab and he is pretty big! 😉 i got him last year and he is turning 2 in the winter….

Challenge 1: KFC

Ms. Wyatt: Student Challenge 

Yesterday i went out for luch at kfc. i walked there from my school with my friends morgan, dylan, and parker! when i got there i met up with my friends courtney and avery, i ordered a student special and it was very good. 🙂 The student special is a fries in a bowl with gravy. i get it all the time! feeel free to comment on my post and ask questions, i will always anwser back!!!!!!